The cost for full-time care in Fiscal Year 2019 is as follows:

  • Infant: $580.00/week 
  • Toddler One and Two: $452.00/week
  • Junior Preschool: $415.00/week
  • Preschool One and Pre-Kindergarten: $379.00/week

The Center also provides two-day, three-day and four-day programs for children enrolled in the toddler and preschool programs. Two-day, three-day, in addition to full time programs will be available for infant care, all on a full-day basis.  Part-time programs are prorated. Payment is made monthly on the first Monday of each month. No credit is given for absences due to illness, holidays, or vacation.

Financial Assistance

Several financial assistance programs are available to families who meet the income eligible guidelines and/or requirements. The actual financial assistance program(s) that you may qualify for will depend upon your individual set of circumstances, as each program has a separate source of funding with different requirements. If you need assistance in determining which program you should apply for, please feel free to consult with the Executive Director.

1) Financial Assistance for State Employees and Department of Transportation Employees

2) M.B.T.A. Reserved Slot Program

3) Voucher Slots