A Letter from the Executive Director, Laurie Morelli

Dear Parents:

Welcome to the Transportation Children's Center (TCC). Thirty-two years ago, I was honored to have been selected as the Center's first Executive Director. Now, as we enter our thirty-second year, I continue to be part of a team dedicated in serving the needs of working parents and their children in the workplace, a concept supported by state officials, transportation employees, childcare professionals and parents. The Center, beautifully designed and well-equipped, provides a stimulating and nurturing environment for the children of Transportation Building employees, other state employees, and the general public. I am proud to inform you that in December 2017 we became re-accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) under the re-invented early childhood criteria & standards.  Our accreditation status is valid through December 2022.  We continue to maintain the required standards, and take pride in providing a high-quality program that NAEYC recognizes.

At TCC, we believe that the caliber of the teaching staff is the single most important factor in assuring high-quality care.  Therefore, we select excellent teachers for their education and depth of experience with young children, as well as for their nurturing personalities. We supplement our professional staff with college-level student teachers that bring additional resources and ideas into our Center.

Our curriculum is child-centered and designed to help children develop positive self-images by allowing them to work and play at their own pace as well as choose from activities in an inviting space with a wide variety of materials. They also play in the fresh air on our outdoor play deck.  In addition, we take advantage of our proximity to the Boston Public Garden and other city resources. Parents are always welcome to visit their children at the Center, or join their children for lunch, daily activities, and special events.

I am confident that you will feel your child is getting the best possible care in our Center. I hope that you will participate in our continuing efforts to maintain TCC as a leader in the area of quality childcare.


Laurie Morelli
Executive Director




A Letter from the Board of Directors

Dear Parents:

We are delighted to present you with the Transportation Children's Center Web Site, and to introduce you to our facility dedicated to the care of children. With thirty-two years of providing the best possible care for the children of working parents, we are very proud of our educational program and environment which has received recognition and praise from educators and day care administrators. We sought to be a role model for other centers planned for working parents across the Commonwealth, and found that we have also become a model for a national work-site childcare effort. The Center is a product of a great deal of hard work from state officials, childcare professionals, parents, carpenters, painters and volunteers. We owe a debt of gratitude to state officials for providing the vision of a model work place that included an on-site day care center. That vision was realized with the planning and building of the State Transportation Building.

Incorporated as a non-profit facility, the Transportation Children's Center is dependent upon tuition fees to meet it's operating budget. In order to keep overall costs down, we have instituted an aggressive fundraising campaign that includes an annual holiday festival, raffle and silent auction, occasional catalog fundraisers, and other efforts.  We ask that as a parent with a child in our Center, you will become an active partner in our efforts to providing the best possible care for children.

Thank you for your interest and welcome to the Transportation Children's Center.