Enrollment Process:
The Transportation Children's Center has been designed to accommodate a maximum of 78 children on a daily basis between ages 3 months to 5 years. TCC’s seven classrooms include two infant classrooms, two toddler classrooms, one mixed toddler-preschool classroom, and two preschool classrooms (one of which is pre-kindergarten). Both full-time and part-time slots are available on a full-day basis. We encourage families to schedule a Center tour, at which time you may observe in the classroom and receive a description of the program.

Waitlist Registration Application:
Please complete and submit a registration application and $65 nonrefundable registration fee to place your child on our waitlist. Although openings may occur throughout the year, most occur when our summer and fall programs begin. You will be contacted according to your position on the waitlist, taking into consideration the classroom where the vacancy occurs. Every effort is made to give parents at least one month's notice when a slot opens.

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Tuition Contract:
Once you accept the slot we offer, a tuition contract and a deposit are required ($750 deposit for infants; $500 for toddlers and preschoolers.) This deposit is refundable if your child leaves the Center, as long as all other fees have been paid.  

New Child/Parent Orientation:
Once you’ve submitted your tuition contract and deposit, you’ll be requested to set up a visiting day—along with your child—with the head teacher of your child’s new classroom. This visit gives you an opportunity to learn more about the program and gives the teacher and your child time to get acquainted. Children may require more than one visit before entering the program.

In-House Registration:
We conduct in-house registration in early spring to determine the number of slots available for the upcoming fiscal year. Only then can we begin to offer slots to families on our waitlist. Most slots open in mid-June when our summer program begins and in September when our fall program gets underway. Families on the waitlist will be notified beginning in May once we know how many slots will open.