“TCC has been a large - and wonderful - part of our children's development.  The staff and teachers are beyond compare - experienced, caring, competent - and the curriculum is fun for the children, but rigorous in learning goals. Our son attended TCC for four years, and then moved into our town's public school well advanced in his reading and math skills.  And now our daughter is in her second year at the center, and is excited to go to school every day.  That says a lot!”

-- Melissa Stone

 “My son Dylan has been at the Transportation Children’s Center since he was one year old; he’s now getting ready to attend kindergarten.  He loves coming to TCC!  The teachers are nurturing, warm, and very caring.  They are also well trained and attend frequent conferences and workshops.  My son is always safe when he is in their care and I know that I can depend on the Center.

 I work in the building, so I get the opportunity to visit my son on a daily basis.  The staff and teachers at TCC are very welcoming and friendly.  As a state employee, I have benefited from the financial assistance program, because of which, my son is able to attend a great child care center.  I am very grateful for the opportunity TCC has provided me and my son. 

 One other thing I love about TCC is that they keep the parents involved.  During my son’s four years at TCC, I have attended potluck dinners, family picnics, holiday dinners and holiday festivals.  My son gets to attend many field trips, such as apple picking, museums, art shows, swimming, and walks around Boston.  With the help of TCC, my son is able to write his full name, count up to five hundred, and he can read simple words, all at the age of 4!  I feel that my son has received a great foundation – thank you TCC.”

 -- Darline Duncan

 “TCC is such an important part of our lives. Our daughter has been at TCC  for two years and all three of us have made close friends which I know will continue after she leaves TCC next year. There is a great sense of community which is fostered by the teachers and staff. Our daughter has flourished in the structured, yet creative environment. Her teachers understand her needs and provide her with the guidance she needs to communicate her feelings and to work through her emotions."
-- Karen Shine

 “We had specific ideas in mind as to what we believed to be most important in our daughter’s early education years. TCC  possessed everything we were looking for including wonderful teachers, an introduction to a formal class room setting and routines,  social skill development, letter and number recognition, listening skills, early fundamentals of writing, and lots of outdoor activity (thanks to their amazing play deck!).  Our daughter loves everything about TCC and is reluctant to leave when we come to pick her up at the end of the day.  We could not ask for more.” 
-- Frank Duncan

 "Arriving in Boston two years ago (from Australia!) we were lucky enough to befriend a TCC parent who introduced us to this very special center.  As soon as our children started in the toddler and preschool programs, we instantly felt part of a caring and diverse community of caregivers.  Being so far from our original "home", we have appreciated how welcome our family has been made to feel here, and have really enjoyed working with the wonderful teachers and other TCC families (both local and international) who help make TCC such a nurturing and happy place for our children.  Having now had the benefit of watching our children thrive in the four classrooms they have spent time in thus far, we can attest to the wonderful teaching programs and exceptional standard of childcare that is offered throughout the center." 
-- Michelle and Kurt Roberts-Thomson

“My older son has attended the Transportation Children's Center (TCC) for the past 2 years, and we love everything about the place.  My twins begin school there this fall.  We live in Back Bay, and TCC is conveniently located just of the Common, so an easy walk.  We were fairly particular about what we sought in a preschool, and TCC met all our needs.  Here are my thoughts on TCC:

* The teachers are excellent!  Most teachers have been there for ages, and teacher turnover is incredibly low. 

*The academic program is perfect for the kids.

* The hours are flexible, and long (a full-day if necessary to accommodate working parents)

* Parents are encouraged to visit their child at any point during the day.  Teachers are very good about communicating with parents.

* TCC has an amazing outdoor play deck, and kids are outside at least 2 times/day year-round.

*The Center is NAEYC Accredited, which involves a rigorous, voluntary process; this speaks to their high-quality program.

* The students represent a wide variety of ethnicities.

* TCC's approach is creative and nurturing, as well as supportive yet developmentally challenging.  These positive, encouraging practices enable the children to gain independence, a secure sense of self, and become well-socialized.

* I have no doubt in my mind that my child is in the most beneficial educational environment of any local-area preschool program.

*We will certainly be sad when our children outgrow the program!”

-- Monique Appleton 

*Both our children and us have been extremely happy to be part of TCC for these past years. Laurie, you and the others on the TCC team have created a truly special place which has allowed our kids (among many others) to learn and have fun in a joyful, nurturing -environment which we will miss very much."

--George Tsiklauri